Building Business Plans With the Help of Cloud Guru and Kube Developers

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A Cloud Guru is essentially an online training platform specifically for those interested in Information Technology related courses. The courses offered train students to undertake comprehensive certification examinations for the three main cloud services: Windows, Linux and Mac. By taking a training course from a Cloud Guru you’ll be able to get paid for what you know.

Cloud Guru and Kube Developers

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Most people today are aware of Cloud Computing and how it can help companies reduce costs and improve efficiency. But very few people have any idea how to get paid for using a Cloud. The most popular Cloud Guru product is the Cloud Mentor program, which is designed to help people with all levels of knowledge and skills train their own employees in the latest modern tech skills. The first course offered in the program is a two-week labs session that allows you to apply your basic skills in different areas. You’ll be provided with assignments and will be able to communicate with an expert instructor via email and video.

As well as teaching the basics of Cloud Computing the Cloud Guru Lab also provides advanced training for professionals. Included in this second week are six labs that explore topics such as infrastructure optimization, mobile computing, social computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and software development. This second Cloud Guru Lab is the foundation for future work, and you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned during the first lab session to real projects. When you finish the second Cloud Guru Lab you’ll be able to demonstrate your proficiency in various Cloud areas to a qualified client. Furthermore, your progress will be featured in the Cloud Guru Certification exam, which is held at the end of the second year.

Besides teaching the fundamental skills needed to design, test, and implement a cloud system, the Cloud Guru also offers hands-on labs for beginners and students who are still looking to apply their knowledge. Hands-on labs allow learners the chance to develop their own projects or use the skills they have learnt during previous sessions to build working prototypes. In addition, hands-on labs allow students to build a working knowledge of how different Cloud areas work together.

The main Cloud areas covered in the Hands-On Labs are scalability, reliability, maintenance, deployment, and testing. Hands-On labs can also cover the more advanced topics such as automation, consumption, service discovery, and service optimization. As well as providing students with the opportunity to develop a working knowledge of the Cloud, the Hands-On Labs also offer students free unlimited access to their repository over the course of two years. This unlimited access is provided via an extended version of our website which is called the Kubernetes Community.

Besides offering hands-on development opportunities students in the Cloud Guru education program also have the chance to participate in deep dives, which are a unique opportunity to experience a hands-on demo of one of the new Cloud areas that are being released every year. Our deep dives take place in four key areas: diagnosing problems in a production environment using Cloud tools; deploying and managing workloads; using the Cloud for data visualization; and evaluating the performance of various Cloud applications. These are some of the exciting new areas which are being added to the Cloud Guru and Kube. Our goal is to make it easier for developers at all levels to understand and implement the new technology in their own business. With the combination of hands-on experience and the unparalleled support from the Kubernetes community, Cloud Guru and Kube will enable fast and convenient development in the open source community.

Many of the Hands on and deep dives offered by Cloud Guru will include modules covering topics such as the aws APIs, golang, Go, andixir. We also have beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses available. In addition, we have two instructional cookbooks: one focusing on using aws resources and the second covering the use of aws services inside an actual application. The authors of these books have collectively spent many years working at scale implementing and building large scale and complex cloud computing infrastructures.

End Note

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To take advantage of our free trial and free support, please visit the Cloud Guru website today. During your free trial, you will receive lifetime technical support from the authors of this product, as well as an overview of all of the tools and libraries included with our seven-day free trial. As part of our support, you will also receive an eBook on building a private cloud using the aws APIs. If you need any additional help or information, you can email us at support [at] cloud guru. Our team is here to help!

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