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How to Create an Online Learning Platform

create an online learning platform

When thinking of ways to create an online learning platform, consider a few different approaches. The two most common types are either a server-side system or a client side solution. Server side software is designed to allow for the easy administration of multiple courses on a web server. These types of courses typically offer modules that can be completed in a certain order. Each course can then be accessed through the website or through a mobile app.

An Overview

Client-side solutions allow individuals to take their online courses through a browser window or through a specialized software application. This type of platform is more involved and typically includes additional functionality. Some examples include educational content management systems, social media integration, and professional certification programs.

The differences between these two platforms can be drastic when it comes to how much interactivity a student can have with the program. Both e-learning platform development options have many different interactive features. If you are interested in incorporating an element of interactivity into your courses or in any other aspects of your digital education program, you should definitely look at these features.

Top Platforms 

These top three platforms have their own benefits and drawbacks. Consider how your target audience is involved and what types of applications you want to use before you choose one. Many teenagers find engaging in social conversations and sharing opinions to be beneficial. They also appreciate the ability to quickly interact with other users and to make projects on their computers.

Businesses that provide training and support services often utilize e-learning platforms that run on a server. These companies are able to set up an easily accessible training room on their websites that students can access. These services may provide videos, instructional manuals, and discussion boards. Using this type of platform allows businesses to offer their training materials over the internet, for a low monthly fee, and to create multiple versions of the courses. The business model is effective, and it allows you to keep all of your customers happy by offering them training materials they can access from anywhere in the world.


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The online learning platforms that we have listed here are part of a select group of online business models that provide a viable way to sell your product or service. When deciding which one you will use, you need to consider your target audience and the level of interactive service you desire. Some platforms are geared more towards businesses that provide online business analysis and surveys. If you want to provide a service that will attract younger audiences, you may want to choose a simpler business analysis or survey platform.

With these platforms, you can be sure that you will always have a large and diverse audience that you can reach with the product or service that you are trying to promote. By using these platforms, you have the ability to get your message across quickly. You don’t need to wait for an audience to find you, because they can do it themselves. They also allow you to keep your customers happy by providing training materials as well as keeping them engaged and informed about your business. Consider what types of information you would like to be shared on each platform, and how you can determine which ones will be most beneficial to your target audience.


Whether you are promoting business analysis courses, or you have some other type of product or service to promote, creating a great landing page with a tutorial is an important aspect of making sure that your site is successful. It is not necessary to focus on flash, Java, and animation when you can incorporate these elements into the presentation of the course page. For example, you can include an audio recording of a professional speaker, or you can simply include a combination of text and video.

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