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When you want to learn skills to make an impressive resume for a job or you just want to learn some skills for fun. You need a good platform where you can easily learn and is worth your time and money, you always search for an online platform that suits your schedule. Compared to online college classes, these platforms are easy to navigate and also quite flexible. You will explore some unique courses that you generally don’t find in your traditional college.

But not all glitter is gold. Not every platform is worth it, so you need to choose wisely. It is important to find the best online classes that are best for you and also offer you exactly what you need and they also come under your budget. So here are some best learning platform online:


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When you are looking for a course to develop your skills in the field of arts, science, English, creativity. It has it all. You will find the best course at a reasonable price. It has experienced teachers that teach you and also you have lifetime access to all the courses after buying it. You can complete your course according to your time. And at the end of your course, the certificate of completion will be waiting for you. They offer a 30-days refund if you don’t like your course. It is an all-rounder learning platform online to brush or develop your skills.


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If you are looking for college-like classes, you are on the right platform. They offer the academic course with real professors. They are not very expensive as compared to universities. 

They are paired with 200 top universities. They give out realistic experiences to all the students. These courses help you to upgrade your professional profile. You can find varieties of engaging courses that can help you grow. Each course is individually priced. You will find professors of top universities like harvest, NYC, etc. 


If you are looking for creative courses like offers celebrity lessons like actors, writers, artists, musicians, and more. You are looking at the right platform. They provide an in-depth learning experience. The best way to learn is from the people who had already been successful in that field and have a good experience. These courses are taught by experts. These lessons are video-based learning with a straightforward lesson plan. The masterClass is a subscription-based online platform with $15 per month. 


This online learning platform provides us with creative skill development courses. They are the less formal vision of online college classes. Skillshare focuses on practice skill courses like photography, film, writing, and more. You can also find business and marketing classes. These courses include video lectures and assignments for students. Like MasterClass, they are also a subscription-based model. The number of courses depends on the subscription. You have to pay $32 per month. 

Not everyone can pay this kind of money. So, Skillshare also has some free classes. They are not in-depth but you can still get to explore the course. 


There are so many online options available to learn many courses, it’s overwhelming. but the most important thing is to choose the best among them. And it also depends on the type, of course, you are looking for. There are different websites for different courses.

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