Online Learning Journal – How Useful Online Learning And Journalling Could Be


With the advent of new technology, the world has become a better place. The world has become digitized and has made our lives easy and fast. Digital payments, digital shopping, digital games, digital messages, etc every single part of our lives has been digitalized and it has thus become an inevitable truth of human life. With this pandemic as a burden on people’s heads, technology has vastly helped to connect. Education would have been stopped if technology didn’t exist. This world has now become a pure e-learning platform and hence it is necessary to organize the various sides of this newly emerged platform in an Online Learning Journal. 

Importance Of Online Learning

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Online learning is said to have various advantages over remote learning. Firstly, online learning widely helps the learners and the instructors to have a flexible schedule. Secondly, it can be accessible even to the rural parts of areas. Other than these advantages, online learning can help to reduce the cost. It is highly cost-effective as the transport costs, books costs, and even school mess or hostel costs are highly ignored. The fees for the institutions’ ongoing online mode of learning have seen to be lower than remote learning. This has vastly affected students’ lives. At first, it would seem a bit difficult to operate or handle but with time being it would prove to be advantageous. 

Cons Of Online Learning 

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Every coin has two sides. Hence, the Online Learning Journal would also have a negative side apart from the positive. The utmost negative point in online learning is that the students are left all on self-motivation to study and listen in the class. It highly requires time management and high self-esteem to continue studying and covering up courses. The networks would have certain lags and network errors which would be more time-consuming. Apart from all these, the biggest failure of online learning is having eye strains. The young mass would start having eye problems and even headaches after spending too much time in front of the blue screen.

Effectiveness Of E-Learning

When the topic comes to the effectiveness of online education, then it would surely receive a thumbs-up as no matter how the side effects are, online education seems to be no less than remote learning. Even software is getting thoroughly updated to go through various righteous tests that would not let anyone cheat in the tests. 

Journaling Your Learnings

As per the effort, you would like to invest in e-learning, journaling the details will help you revise and understand how you can improve your learning or revise what you have learned so far. Since note-taking is not necessarily important during e-learning, it is wise to record your learnings to understand how the experience has helped you shape up.


It can be seen that the online learning platforms do have some real serious issues. This mode of learning has been the demand of the time. With respect to the novel coronavirus pandemic, this mode of learning has proven to be safer and more helpful where the time demands no socialization. 

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